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Monday, January 26, 2009

Making the Social Life In Boundary County

Over the weekend actual Murphy and I had quite the life of gally venting around.

First of all we went up on Katka Mountain to see our friend Qunelle who was having a brief memorial services for her husband Michael and she only invited 3 people.

We took some apple fritters and a primrose plant because it was on of Michael’s favors things in life.
I can’t say I’m all that thrilled on funeral or memorial services are. Actual you find out all sort of interesting things about the person after they’re dead and gone.
It sad a lot of time you don’t fine these facts out about the person and all they did.
Actual at my Uncle Glen service I learn that he was station in Burma during WWII and was a cook for the WPA program during F.D.R term.
Then my Uncle Boss met his wife as pen pals and they were married 60 years. Plus he helps the fish and game department to catch a certain type of fish.
The only funeral I went to and the service actual pissed me off was my cousin Doyle and they went on and on about bible verses for hours and talking about them.
Actual I never learn anything about my cousin Doyle life.
I don’t mine a few verse read and a short sermon.
Opinion time…I don’t believe anyone funeral or Memorial service should last more then an hour

Qunella has a quite a few picture of her an Michael together and I though there not many of Murphy and I together and thought we should get some of us.
So I had Qunella take some

My family held a birthday party for some of my Uncle and Aunts who was born under the sign of Aquarius who was 77 plus in years.
I’m not sure how many was there but I would guess about 30 people.

I believe my Uncle Melvin bought the cake it was his wife 80th birthday. Plus we had ham and all the trimmings

Left to right Uncle Bob, a friend of my Uncle and Aunt, Aunt Penny, Aunt Eve, And Aunt Bea.


  1. Hi Peppy
    Oh I don't like funerals either. It's too bad we don't know more about people until they're gone.
    Yet we don't want to sit around and question people about their lives. LOL
    Life is good....
    and a little crazy.
    Nice picture of you and Murphy.

  2. Good picture of you and hubby...sorry about the loss.

    Love, Jess

  3. I've only attended three funerals in my whole life, and I did this out of respect.

    Thanks for such a wonderful comment you left me today! Always love having you visit with me! Happy Tuesday.

  4. That is one huge cake! Like the picture of the two of you.....

  5. Oh it's fun to see your picture at last. Both you and your hubby look darlin'.

    So sorry about your friend.

  6. Great picture of you and Murphy - and you are right - get lots of pictures of the two of you. Cal didn't like to have his picture taken and after he died I had only a couple to look at.

    Funerals are awful - a good wake with everyone sharing stories about the deceased and remembering them with love makes more sense to me.

    Blessed Be

  7. That's a great picture of you and your husband!

    The last funeral I went to was like that as well. It was a friend of the family I didn't know and all they talked about was the Bible, not him or his life. I was fuming mad and I didn't even know him!


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