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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It Sure Wasn't Great But It Was Ok

I figure I accomplished a little yesterday. Nothing real big but I actual never plan on anything big.
I order some checks, which I should of, done earlier. I wrote the last one to either water company or to medical clinic.
Well it doesn’t matter there paid now.
I got everything done except the floors today.
Murphy did some laundry and defrost the freezer.

I picked anther client she is 86 years old but just gave up driving and now on Tuesday I drive her around.
She bright as tack and get around real good.
Takes her daily walk If I got this right it takes her about a half an hour. She was a loop she does in her neighborhood.
Plus she gets out and gardens and cleans her own home.
So her and I see eye to eye on political matters and she loves to garden.
She gave me some great info on starting seeds,
She uses a heating pad under her starter seeds to keep the ground warm but she says sometime you need to add some towels so the soil won’t get to warm and cook the soil.
So now I have been checking the thrift store for a heating pad. Every so often they’ll show up and you can get on for under $5.00
I feel like I’m driving Miss Daisy.

I once got out my pillow cases I start to embroidery and notice some how they got dirt on them.
So I’m going to try to laundry the one with dirt spot on it and hope I don’t loose my pattern and the spot comes out.
If not I don’t have much time invest in it.


  1. Seems to me you accomplished a lot! :)

  2. It's wonderful to meet up with someone you can talk to and if it's a client, even better!

    Bummer about the laundry issue, I hope you managed to clean it away so you don't lose your work.

    Oak is a good colour, it isn't too dark. I'm thinking of doing all oak and then painting everything else white. If I had the money! LOL.

  3. Wow, you & Murphy have been busy! We have an extra freezer out in the garage and it is in serious need of a defrosting.

    Glad to hear you've picked up another client! Sounds like the two of you have hit it off real well.

  4. Your new client sounds like a true delight and I'm sure she'll be able to teach you lots about gardening...imagine all the gardening she's done in those 86 years:-) xoxo

  5. Hey, you did more than me! I get home from work and NEVER have any energy to do much aside from read, play on the computer or watch tv.

  6. How wonderful to find a person like her, I love to garden also.


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