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Sunday, January 25, 2009

In The Know (Making a Better America)

Yes today is the 25 of the month and I do what I call in the know and I pick a topic for one to post about.
This week topic “Ideals for a better country” I like to hear your ideals on what we could do to improve our country.
If you would like to get hold of some officials I have a link to some addresses Some how and I do apologize that some of the links to the e-mail don’t work

My letter would go to the department of energy, labor, agriculture, commerce, health and human service, and interior.
The letter I will be writing is on “Thinning our forest lands and Putting then to good use”

Recently I heard a brief news story that they were looking for funding on thinning our forest lands which needs to be done very badly.
There been plenty of mistakes of handling our harvest of timber. I don’t blame in pointing fingers on which and who messed up.
Now is time to make the best of these times.

Living in small community which people uses wood to heat there homes and at the last figure I heard our area had unemployment of all most 12%.

When it comes to thinning our forest I don’t believe as much such is thinned and just lay on the ground to rot. I do understand about replenishing the soil.
Take a certain area of forestland and mark 10 to 20 percent of trees less than 9 inches in diameter to be cut for firewood sale.
Each community will have a drop off site and their wood would be purchased.
The price of firewood depends on the cost of fuel and species of one is getting.
At this time I would say $100.00 a cord of mix species of firewood would be a fair price.
Each stove is different and length may very some but I would say 18 inches would be the ideal.

The area that one need to drop off the firewood would need someone to payee and other employees to do basically field work such as loading, and sorting firewood about the dryness of the wood

This wood could be sold to different people. Such as low income, disability, and people who don’t have the means to get firewood.
The prices such are done on a sliding scale of their income and people living in the household.
Now how much wood should a person have actual may be a harder question to figure out? Some homes our bigger, some are more energy efficient, plus the type of stove one is burning wood in.
I would suggest 3 cords of firewood to start with and if more is needed they then come back and purchase some at a little higher rate then the first three cords.

I believe this will take care of two or more birds in one sitting. It will benefit our forest lands buy thinning and growing other trees for a better harvest in the future, reducing fire danger, a chance for people in this economy of high unemployment to earn some money, and also help the people who heat there home with wood.

Please take this in to strong consideration I see it would be a true benefit for so many

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  1. This was very neat...we don't really have alot of thick forests around...all farmland...so I don't know much about this, but you seem to have a very good point!

    Have a great week ahead.
    love, Jess


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