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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Around This Area

I’m tired from work all though I’m not sure who got up the most to pee. Murphy or I.
So I didn’t sleep that entire well and had this head ache most of the day one of those dull ones. Plus Donna was driving me nuts anyhow at time I don’t believe she want to get well.
Let me tell you I’ve seen a lot nasty client one was to take care of. Not all people who needs home care is sweet some are right down an ass.

The air here been stagnated and fog been just sitting in and it going to be like this for the whole weekend.
The one thing I want to do is fine my check register. I’m clueless where I stuck it. Other then nothing else plan

Well the job rate real sucks around here and the rate is almost at 12% unemployment I figure my job is a lot stable then Murphy job the tree nursery business is based a lot to do with the building industry.
I have heard that they had a large contract of trees to be sold to some golf courses but with how things are going on market that can do 180 spin.
My job is funded though Medicaid and I know there being also cut back in funding.
It been a while I heard anything about cut backs for the state budget and last figure I heard was 2% across the board and if this is so and they use this to cut my hours I would loose 15 to 30 minute a week.
If I felt the housing and mortgage crises was on the road of recovery or stablelized There would be almost 100% change I would get out home care

Bad news is something seem to bring out the questions or the negative coverage of a story. I can see Ruby Ridge from my front window.
It seem like when I explain to stranger where I live they want to know about Randy Weaver and Ruby Ridge.
But that isn’t the news I want to talk about now.
There this church organization that is up by the Canadian border here is part of the F.C of L.D.S they have a church located in Bountiful, BC well they made the front page of our Local Paper
I see them quite a bit in our local story shopping they all look so giddy and happy. But a few thing I notice all of the women hair is long and some how French braid and front of their hair is what I would call poof poo it cure don’t like they don’t cut there hair.
There pretty well covers from head to toe and they never were prints just solid colors.
The women never travel alone there in the store in multi.
I hardly see any of the men around I only saw one of them and his wife walk right behind him in prefect step.
Thought time…When she was behind this man it would have been prefect time to kick him in the ass
But I’m not an obedient wife but still I’m not a defined wife either.
Well I hear all sort of stories about this group and as most religion I believe other faith want to shine a negative light on it.
But I have to say it something real don’t interest me going to

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  1. I hope you start felling better soon.


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