Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I'm working on seeing a brighter feature

part of my job is taking Rex for a walk and we go different spots in county here.
Today we headed behind the forest service out in valley that there is a bunch of different type of grain.
I notice some has been harvest. Type of grain that is harvest or the type that remains in field is unknown to me.
But looking across the crops that haven’t yet been cut I started to think of creative ideal what could be done.
Confession time…I have a project in making that needs to be taking care of.. But all honesty…It takes me every in day to complete a project

One of site I like to gander at is called dollar stretcher One of the article this week is called Stay focused on your objectives well I been working on reopening my ceramic business.
According to this one should take action everyday

Take Action Every Day. An important objective warrants daily attention. A 400-page novel is not written all at once. To many, writing a 400-page novel would be overwhelming. But a little over a page a day will get it done in a year. Every goal can be broken down into doable tasks done consistently.

I know this is all important but I know there small area I could do but Feeling time… I feel overwhelm in life so I don’t know even were to dive in at on my shop

For a short time I was thinking of looking for anther on line fitness journal other then Fitday but they redid their site.
There a lot more to it.
Lot of people just uses the scale to see if they’re fit but I notice they have place for Body Measurements
About every day my Mood will have a lot to do on how I do on making healthy choices.
I only use this once and I’m not sure how the little yellow happy thing does.
Plus the Reports are done much better.
To see two example click here and Click here
Note…I don’t know if these links will work

I have a loving husband who respect my opinion

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