Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Heads or Tail One Year) + Tackle it Tuesday (On the Clock)

Some how I keep forgetting to do Heads or Tail and this week theme is Heads or Tail and it been around for one year.
Next week theme will be “Anyway to get from here to there”

I’m one who likes to do Heads or Tail and sometime the themes real stumps me but that’s ok I like to think out side of the box and I like hearing or reading other points of view.
It makes me a more worldly person.
I wonder how Skittle came up with the name of heads of tail I know we use different part of our brains to get a long in life.
But what does tail have to do with thinking.
I guess one of the first things that come to my mine is sitting on ones rump.
Does one think better sitting down?
I believe I don’t.
Before I close I like to thank Skittles for starting Heads or Tails

It been so long since I did Tackle It Tuesday with life being nuts Confession time…Part of the time I make my own problems
I never could get any real projects done it seem that my life goes in circle between family, home, and work.
It a never ending battle and when I start a project I run out of time.
I recall my parents saying, “There never enough time in the day”
So I printed out my list of a weekly cleaning which I mean to do once a week and Confession time…Which I haven’t and it looks like it going to be broken down in two days

This is my first round I sat the timer on the stove for 25 minutes and start to clean the stove and the corner counter.

Look at the crap spilt of the stove. Yes I do a quick wipe but I’m beat from work.
Those are dishes that need to be put a way and the small amount of clutter.

After 25 minute I scrubbed the stove with basic H got the dishes put a way and clean every inch of the counter plus I clean the toaster which belongs there.

Now for day two
I have to admit I was moving pretty slow…but the last thing I did was mop the main bathroom floor.
The bathroom floors don’t get all that dirty compare to my dinning and living room.

Dirty Bathroom Floor.

Clean Bathroom Floor

Once I get a room cleaned I like to burn some incense. Statement time…I burn incense for two reason is to get rid of any negative energy left in the room and also to welcome warm friendly spirits

When I took my walk yesterday with Rex down by the ball park I stop and sat a few moments on the picnic bench and just listen to bird sing, they were delightful sound


  1. Hi!!
    I think Skittles chose heads or tails meaning the coin toss [the face of the coin is heads and the back side of the coin is referred to tails] In other words, with the flip of a coin, on a certain prompt you can go with heads or tails. It's all with the flip of a coin.

    Happy day to you.
    Hope you can stop by and view my HoT entry.

  2. I was going to explain it, but I see Anni beat me to it. :)

    Thanks for playing so often this past first year.

    Oh.. next week's theme has changed..

  3. i usually stand there for ages thinking and ill go into a day dream sitting down too, so i do both lol

    well done on the tackle it tuesday tasks too.

    my hots is up too. Love you to stop by ;)

  4. I just pray for the cleaning fairies to stop by! :)

    Confessions of an Apron Queen

  5. Happy Heads or Tails day and kudos to you on the clean bathroom. I hope you will come see my post for Heads or tails and leave me a comment if you feel inclined.

  6. I'm curious (no offense) but how does using insense get rid of any negative energy? I'm truly curious... :) Thanks for sharing this Tuesday!

    My HoT is up a little later than usual, but feel free to take a look.

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  8. Question are great and they don't offend me at all.
    It bother me when some one e-mails you to either ask question or to tell you off.

    Ok the question is I'm curious (no offense) but how does using insense get rid of any negative energy?

    We all have our own special touch of finishing off something.
    Some may spray air freshener, dust, ask the lord to bless and protect.
    It's up to you how you feel you need to finish something.

  9. It looks like you've been busy!

  10. Anonymous7:14 PM

    i was so busy with chores last weekend. glad i finished everything on my list. whew! God bless you, peppy!

  11. I like your timer Idea I need to use that to help me from getting distracted, I have horrible ADD.


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