Wednesday, August 13, 2008

ABC Wednesday D is for....

It Wednesday and that’s the day I do ABC Wednesday and Mrs Nesbitt is our wonderful hostess.
She also has her own page for ABC Page

I had plan each week to do a picture of a food that began with the letter of the week and post a recipe with it and I was going to do Daikon and some how some where time pass me by.

D Is for dog




I did some filing for my ceramic and crafty things. Reduce some of my paper stuff and it looking a little less clutter.


  1. Fine dogs, each one with its own look and character or temper I guess.

  2. I thought about doing a photo of my dog, but she won't stay still for a photos.
    Love the ones you did.

  3. Very nice photos of the dogs for ABC Wednesday--D.

    Bear((( )))

  4. Very cute shots. I am a confirmed dog lover.

  5. As a dog lover, I'm glad you posted these photos instead of food. I don't need any more of that! LOL

  6. Dogs eh? Mine is here with me...but wanting to be outside. Bless.

  7. All your dogs look lovable.


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