Monday, July 28, 2008

Sore All Over and My Brain Had a Fart In It

All day my body ache and I move like a old lady. I have no ideal why my bones and muscle ached.
Plus my brain was dead as a doornail.
I iron some stuff for Donna today. I only use an iron once since I have been married I iron a blue shirt for Murphy and put in all the creases.

We went and got the pick up and Murphy was thinking it would cost more only $180 some bucks and I got a bill for insurance for the Hyundai which Sawyer bought from his brother Bart.
Which was $149.10 and he good for it.

During dinner Murphy and I was at the dinning table eating dinner and we finish I turn the TV back around as I was spinning it there was this popping sound and spark.
When their popping sound and spark comes out of something do with electrical it sort of worries me.
I told Murphy about it and he took a look at it and it was the cord was becoming thin and he fixed it

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  1. I had so many brain farts the last few days. Getting up so early in the morning isn't good for me.


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