Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Back On The Track

I’m starting to feel like my life got some normalcy to it now. I got a fairly good night sleep. I believe that all of Murphy sibling is off.
In the morning I like to do small things around the place before I head off to work and after I get done with work 3 more chores.
These aren’t big ones but this way I don’t feel over whelm.
Plus after dinner I sit the timer for 15 minutes and clean or what ever needs to be done around the place.

I have some news not great but news. Well I went to doctor this morning because my hubby had some genital wart on his peter.
So I had my self-checked out and nothing.
I know I should be angry but real I’m not simply. I knew there was this risk in swinging.
If I found out he was having an fair and I was made a fool of now that would of bent me out of shape.

You know before you go in the little room with the doctor well you get on the scales and now I finely under 200 pounds by one pound but under.

I’m still filling in my Personal Fitday Journal
but I’m starting to see some of my heath errors

Well before I head off to check though my e-mail and off to bed. Confession time…I’m little worried about my brother in law Earl I know he was talking about going down to courd’alene area to see some friends and was talking about staying with his Nephew Sam.
Sometime my Nephew Sam has come conspiracy theories on different subject and he his own ideal what happen to his cousin Nate or my nephew.
I hope he doesn’t bring it up to Earl. I feel he doesn’t need to deal with it at this time.
Opinion time…I think he and soon to be exwife should go to counseling.
I have some unanswered question to. But I feel this is wrong time to be asking them maybe sometime after March of 09

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  1. Congrats on the weight loss and I am glad your exam turned out ok.


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