Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wind Blows It Around

I got things done at work fast and it was my short day.
Came home and did some picking up at home.
But before that I stop in Murpheette and bought some Basic H I suffer from allergies and some cleaning stuff will make me have asthma attack.
I didn’t stick around much their one person that came in and she can mean bad news. I’ll explain later in some other posting.
So on the way home I stop in at Dycks which real is Dycks Exxon but years ago it was known as Huskies but I still refer to it as that.
I need some exhaust work to be done on my car.
So I’ll take it in tomorrow and have my son Bart run me back home and clean my home.
Can you believe it I do it at work and then I do it at my own home.
Sometime it real burns me out.
But I seen my place a lot worst


1 comment:

  1. Hi! My Mom used to use Basic H.
    I found a great cleaner called "Awesome" really is awesome. I get it at the dollar store!
    Hey that name meme is cute!!


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