Sunday, June 08, 2008

Where I Fall Short In My Faith Tolerances

It Sunday and it mean it time for Green Thumb Sunday stop and check out all the beauty of the garden and nature.

it been cold and rainy here in North Idaho and it almost summer and I’m starting to wonder if it might be a summer which would be called “the summer that wasn’t”
Everything seems to be at a slow moving mode and only thing in bloom is my “yellow Iris” in the royal sunshine bed.
This year we didn’t get chance to do a veggie garden but we now have decided were we both can agree on putting one in.
I got a seed catalog from Bountiful Gardens they got thing that is eatable that I never heard of and even sound interesting

I decided to take a trip to attend a discussion of “who will win-------who should win” which will be at the North Idaho Unitarian Universalists
This will be my first time going to a political discussion group.
This should be interesting. See in our family religion and politics aren’t discussed. Wonder time…I wonder if there discussed when I’m not there lot of them thought highly of our current President Dubya

I just got done talking to Sawyer and said Bart and I might stop in and want to know what his plans were.
I found out that he going to attend a church service in Courd’Alene and I ask him what church he was going to attend and he was’nt sure.
Then I said I was going to the Unitarian and ask him to join me there.
He told me he wouldn’t go to one of my voodoo churches.
Then I over reacted and said I hope you ain’t getting brain wash by some right wing Christian Church.
I called him back on apologize to him for over reacting.
I knew Murphy and I raise our boys not to take everything hook line and sinker.

I find most religions confining, like to play the fear card and how we all are heading to hell if we aren’t something or involved in dogmatic sect.
Prejudice is also I find about churches not much toward race but dead opposites of there creeds; The Muslims and Christians tearing each other part and actual I find similarity between the two.
And also there not easy to accepted one as free thought.

Well I like to attend the Gardenia Center or a Unitarian Universalists
The main reason I prefer to go to these two places of worship they accepted others and I always accepted people as who and their own free will.
Confession time…Maybe I don’t accept all as I claim I do
I recently recall two areas I fall short in about accepting others.
People who won’t accepted others for what every reason.
Both of my client had hang up over homosexuality. Callie my last client thought they was plain weird.
My now client Donna thinks homosexual are demonized.
I have say Callie are quite bit more accepting in others then Donna.
I guess it her Mormon faith, which Donna considers it an occult.
To me if you don’t agree on certain faith teaching you called it a occult.
It term I don’t use.
Well I find hard to accepted people who are such narrow minded and don’t want change in our society.
I don’t see eye to eye and both of these churches I fine people of all belief comes to gather under one roof to worship.
There people who leans toward Buddha, Christains, Juduism, Agnosic, Pagen or etc.
Confession time,,,I find some Christians religions that real gets my goat as minister like Dr Dobson and his forces on the family actual he does more harm then good.

I am amaze how many people who can express there free will in their political and religious preferences and still love each other

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