Sunday, June 01, 2008

Keeping the Spirits Happy + May Weather Report

It Sunday and that means it time for me to do Green Thumb Sunday which is being hosted by Feverish Thoughts plus here a link to visit others who have a green thumb

This last month of May it didn’t seem to be as hot as the one we had in 07, actual I thought it was on slow start.
I notice all the tree are now has there leaves on them.
The hottest day was the 18th, 88.7 Fahrenheit (33.5 Celsuis)
The coldest day was the 1st, 21.1 Fahrenheit (4.4 Celsius)
For the average warm for the month of May was 70.7 Fahrenheit (25.1 Celsius)
For the average cold for the month of May was 41.4 Fahrenheit (5.2 Celsius)
We got the double amount of rain this year compare to last year for the month
1 inch (2.54 centimeters)

Everything is blooming at nice pace. My yellow iris are blooming in my “royal sunshine flower bed.
The star of Bethlehem is blooming which I need to dig and give away locally.
Friday I went yard selling and picked up a pony pack of 4 pink patina and I bought 4 hollyhock plants from anther sell.
I’m sure I paid well under 4 dollars for all.
These plants all went into my hodgepodge flowerbed. These plants I get free or at yard sales

I have to say I’m little disappointed in our weeping birch it seems not to have no life to it or very little I seen a few buds on it and Murphy said lets wait to see if it recoveries.
Last winter was more to the extreme then usual and it got some winter damage to it

I’m not sure what this little yellow flower but I thought it was on the soft looking side.

Hollowing Hills gave me a wonderful ideal on a subject to post about superstitions or old wives tale
I’ll say I’m not superstition but yet I pay attention to them.
We don’t subscribe to an area paper but when I have change to look at one I will look at the horoscopes and read them.
I have a geranium hanging at my front door to keep out evil spirits.
I don’t know if this is something like an old wives tell or not when I get done cleaning a room the last thing I do is burn incense to welcome in new spirits.
When I hear a wind chime making noise I’ll say the spirits are moving about.
When there a knock on door and no one is there I’ll say it must have been spooks a knocking.
I try to plant with the moon.
I don’t end my prayers with “Amen” it seems to be lop side to me. I end mine with “I love”, I'm at peace” and the “world is good.”
I can recall when my mom drop a dish towel she would always say a “company is comin” and also if you accidentally got dress and your clothes has on wrong side out “money was coming your way”.
I don’t know how many things I do are an old wives tale, or my own personal hang ups or may be I have some type of compulsive disorder.
Confession time…They are days I wonder if I don’t have some attention deficit


  1. Whenever I scratch my nose I say "I'm itching for a fight" just like my grandmother did.

    I cut my hair on the new moon or when it's waxing.

    I knock wood constantly.

    I keep the cabinets and drawers closed tight so the gnomes can't get into the house. I get really upset when others don't do the same.

  2. Hope your weeping birch comes back, it looks fairly mature and would be a shame if you lost it. When I was young, I used to pay attention to Old Wives Tales, but no more. Age brings a certain skeptism I guess. Happy GTS,

  3. i hope u update us on the weeping birch... in coming posts

  4. PS: The yellow flower looks like a daffidol.


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