Monday, June 16, 2008

It Been a Hard Day

It has been a tiring day.
I worked hard.
My client Donna bought a bookcase at a yard sale and paid only $5.00 for it.
So my friend Alice who works for anther lady in the building help me carries it in.
It sure wasn’t heavy but tipsy.
But we got it sat up and I clean it up and then we started to go though her books that she had in her kitchen cabinets and place them on her new book shelves and also the ones on her floor.
She purged some but she real has a hard time to throw any thing out. I asked her when the last time she went though her file cabinets and she said never.
I told her you only needed to keep your taxes for so many years. But call account for some many years.
But it comes right down to it I could do some purging and organizing at my place as well

I like to get out of her place in about a year and start doing ceramics and other crafts. Plus even work on my place.
I know I mention that once Bart graduated from high school, which will be a year. I would be moving on.
I actual like my clients. I find them interesting and I don’t agree with them but that’s ok.
I real don’t like doing the home care.
Confession time…I’m afraid that President Dubya will do something dumb in Middle East before he leaves office and wreak the economy more that I would be stuck at my job

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