Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Good Ole Clothes Line

This morning I went to Hollowing Hill site and their she talk about Clothes Peg
Well it seems like an endless chore that laundry can be.
Now I’m down by one and even one makes a different.
One thing my mom never taught me was much about laundry. The only I knew if my dirty clothes was in the hamper it didn’t get washed.
She never flip out my socks when I was young.
She always had a nice clean load of laundries even my dad dirty overhauls from when he worked on the railroad.
But my hunch is what kept that not looking grime was that she starched the hell of them. And at time she said they could stand-alone.
I buy different stain removers and at first they seem to work just fine but after a while they seem to loose their umup.
Question time…Any hints for removing stains even set in ones?
I’m ready to try some Basic H my friend Quenella swears by it she says she puts about teaspoon or maybe even half of one and a quart of water in basin and mixed around with her hands.
Then puts it all in the wash including the mixture of basic h.

I grew up with a clothes line.
At one time someone told my mother that peasant is only one uses clothesline and asked them if they want to pay the electric bill and I recall her hanging part of the laundry in basement on lines and racks.
I haven’t used clothesline much this month it seem to be wet and cold.
Most people don’t like their bath towels dried on clothesline because it isn’t warm and fluffy but for some reason I like a rough texture.
I think it removes the old dead skin when I dry my self.
When it super cold I like freeze dry my clothes on line.
Sometime it get so cold here it will zap the moisture right out of clothes.
Confession time…I don’t hang socks out to dry I just don’t want to be bothered with those little items

Two places you might want to check out is Clothes peg and Project laundry list


  1. I love to hang clothes on the line but can't here. I especially love the smell of sheets when there hung out. Great post

  2. Great post, Peppy. You should send a link to it to The Clothes Peg.

    Lilli & Nevada: You should check out the Laundry List. It's an organization dedicated to making clothes lines the norm again by eliminating rules prohibiting outdoor lines.

  3. The old fashioned way to get whites really white is to lay them out in bright sunshine - it bleaches them. That's why there are places in Britain called Bleach green. They were where people spread clothes out on the grass. Gypsies in Britain used to spread their clothes out on the hedge to dry.

  4. Well folks they made a better one -- a better clothesline. I read the article in search for cordoclip. Wow! what a rapid laundry hanging turret without touching clothespins.

  5. My favourite chore is washing! LOVE IT!


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