Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Today One Of My Job Is To Vote.

On Tuesday Skittles host a thing called Heads or Tails and this week flip of the coin is Tails and the theme is Tell about a job you have or had Next week topic is Royal.

I was going to post about a job I wish I were doing.
But I decided to post what I thinking it a very important job am to vote in our election we have in United States.
Today is Idaho primaries and I feel it everyone duty to go a vote.
As how well I’ll pick any winners in Idaho. Honest time…I real don’t have high hopes in picking in winners
Idaho is very conservative republican state and for primary one will have to vote straight ticket and what I do I try to find the most liberal republican I can fine.
Not many of them get elected here in Idaho.

Prediction time…Those who vote in Idaho democrat in primaries Obama will get 3 votes to Clinton 1. Then in the General election McCain if he runs against Obama he will get 92% of vote.
But if it Clinton McCain will get 95% against Clinton

Now if we increase our war effort in the Middle East who knows how the general election will turn out but at this time I stand with my prediction


  1. I agree that casting a vote is a very important job and responsibility!

  2. very important job you have :D

    Mine in here Thanks

  3. ...and this is one of the most interesting, vital elections I've ever witnessed in my 60 years!!

    Wonderful H o T entry this week. Can you come visit with me now?

  4. Very good post!! Voting is an important job and I wish more people would take part in it.

    Thanks for stopping by mine and I hope you have a great rest of the week!


    I think the only major reason that I actually would want to become a citizen (i'm only a permanent resident right now) is so that I can vote..

    Stop by my HOT:

  6. Glad you are voting. Making it to November will be very interesting.

  7. Great take on the theme.

  8. Definitely! Voting IS a priority and I’m glad you participated in today’s primary election. Thanks for stopping by Small Reflections earlier. I loved teaching Middle School for the last ten years or so of my career … just two ‘preps’ each day (reading/language arts and history) instead of 20 or more (like in the elementary grades) … and the kids were interesting to work with too ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,


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