Saturday, May 10, 2008

Photo Hunt (Share Any Photo)

This week photo hunt theme is Share any photo next week theme will be “Candy”.
To find more info on the hunt please visit there site

This time I tried something different in style I took this picture.
I place a sandwich bag over the camera lens and sat it on our front steps.
I was going to face it better well do west.
But I liked the lens facing our mailbox, and the fertilizer spreader which will become a flowerpot.
A cross the road is cow pasture so during the summer about 15 to 30 head of cattle grazes out there.


  1. That's a very interesting photo. It's almost like looking at a sunlit scene through mist. A mysterious scene.

  2. its fun to try different things--thanks for coming by

  3. Your area is very rural as is mine....don't you just love have all that on your doorstep? Our neighbour below us just got 3 cows...and they have some beautiful horses as do the neighbours beside us and across from us....I never bore from seeing Marcia said it is fun to try new things with the camera....

    Happy Mother's Day to you!!!


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