Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Heads or Tail (Tom Dick or Harry)

I was going to sit this head or tail out.
At first I couldn’t think of any thing with meaning behind it.
But last Sunday the 11th it dawn on me.

I have this phobia. Confession time…I’m terrible afraid to entertain guess because I figure that I won’t pass their judgments
It doesn’t matter what Tom, Dick or even Harry came over. Right before I get terrible butterflies in my stomach and the only reason someone is coming to see me is to judge me and score my domestic skills or anything else.

Confession time…A desire of mine is to have different people over as guest but I’m scared to.

Well over the weekend it was our Spring Mud Bog and two of our Nephew family went to Mud Bog plus our boys.
I thought Sawyer was going to bring some of his friends up for Mud Bog and I said Sunday that I would do a barbeque for them and now I’m think “ I’m not good enough and once they leave they would be laughing at me”
So mainly Murphy and I decided to have a barbeque with Murphy family and there were 12 people and 2 dogs.
Actual maybe it was a good thing that I was busy on the barbeque that I didn’t have time to wonder if they were judging or scoring me in since of the word.
After everyone left I was surprise how it all went smoothly. Then I told Murphy I wouldn’t mine having guess over every so often.
Confession time..I actual enjoyed entertaining my guess

But still there is phobia that it doesn’t matter who the Tom, Dick or Harry is I do have a phobia about entertaining, but I did make a step forward

Skittles is our hostess for Heads or Tail and as you read mine this week theme was Tom, Dick or Harry The coin can be either side so the theme is” Peace or Piece”
Heads or Tail home is here


  1. Oh gosh, I know exactly what you mean!!!

    With my panic attacks it's hard to spend time around people without getting all worried. Yes, this even includes my family. The bad part is that I LOVE being around people!

    I'm glad you had fun with the cookout!

  2. My mom kind of gets the same way at times. No one is a perfect housekeeper though (well, except perhaps Martha Stewart)...

  3. I inherited that same trait from my mother and suffered with it for many years. At some point I decided that my friends wouldn't care how my house looked and anyone who DID care didn't have their priorities right and wasn't truly a friend. I still struggle with shame about my housekeeping even with friends, but I've learned that they love me anyway. Glad you let yourself have guests and enjoy it. Hope you let yourself do it more and more often.

    Sorry to be so long - but one of the things that cured me. My mother had dementia at the end of her life. She had always been obsessive about house cleaning and what the neighbors would think. I watched her spend the last 3 years of her life picking imaginary dirt off the floor. Somehow that helped me turn a corner on how ultimately unimportant such things are.


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