Sunday, May 25, 2008

Blogging Dislike..Not Many

This month knowledge I’m seeking is.
1. What difficult problems you have with blogging and or what don’t you like about blogging?

Lack of know how I see quite a few blogs and I see a lot of feature “I find real cool” and would like to add them.
I’m not even sure what a feed is.
The time it takes to blog. Now I put a time limit that I would set blogging.
Out here the only thing real available is dial up. “I’m waiting for the day some type of high speed comes out here”
Three things bothers me about bloggers. I know I can’t change the world.
I have hard time with bloggers who have comments on there blog such as “Comment moderation has been enabled. All comments must be approved by the blog author” Statement time…to me there saying I have to approve of you before you leave a comment…No one should leave a nasty message on a person blog but I don’t see what wrong not seeing eye to eye
When you don’t like someone blog or something they post and you e-mail them about it.
Statement time…I find this being on chicken shit side. If you find a blog that’s offensive to you and actual you don’t need to e-mail them about it.
Just click away.
If you don’t see eye to eye on something they said and you want to leave a comment. Say I don’t see it your way and explain why. No need for name calling

I never carried for clicks in any form in pass and still don’t. I even see some blogs if you don’t make there list. They snub you.
I sure can take small steps to make the world a better place

Anyone is welcome to be part of “Knowledge” you may post in my comment section or if you would like to post this over at your blog. Please let me know and I’ll stop by and read it

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It seems like the garden is in slow mode at this time. It been windy and wet here in North Idaho.
It might be in slow mode but still things are changing around the place.

Iris are starting to open up but still most of them our in bud stage.
My friend Quenella gave to me and I planted it in my “Royal Sunshine Flower Bed”
The tulips in that bed is finishing up now

This here is one of my favorite flowering tree it called a snow apple. It doesn’t produce any fruit

Here some type of apple blooms. Just don’t recall it name.
This one actual have tiny little apples on it and the birds just love it

Few smaller events in garden life is going on. The sunflowers are up and I bought some Lilly and Dahlias to plant.
When the dahlias are in bloom it known as the flower of harvest and majority of us Northern Hemisphere is thing about finishing the harvest and wind down the garden season.


  1. *grin* Yeah, I kinda dislike the letter comfirmation and required blog-owner approval of comments, even though I have them at my place. BUT, what decided me in the first situation was the multitude of spamming comments I was getting "visit my blog, visit my blog, visit my blog" or "click here for music/porn/what-not" over and over and over again. The word-confirmation keeps THAT from happening, as you obviously know. I really didn't want to go with the "owner must approve of this comment" except that one of my fellow bloggers who comments frequently is blind. Her speaking-computer system that helps her blog just doesn't "get" the word comfirmation system. So, if I keep the word confirmation security system, she can't comment. If I didn't change to the "comment approval", I wouldn't have any security over what gets posted in the comments of my blog.

    That, and I got one guy who came along and posted one big long (like took over a half-hour to read) nonsense comment that was half gibberish, and half racial and religious slurs. This way I can keep his type of comments from taking up space on MY blog. If he wants to post his nonsense so badly, let him do it on his own blog space.

    I don't have a problem when people post comments that are thought provoking on my blog, just when they're nonsensical gibberish that take up more space than is needed and that says nonsense that isn't worth having around anyway.


    Thanks for sharing the pics! We haven't seen irises around here yet this year. Which is VERY odd. Usually they're popping up all over the place by this time of year. But, I haven't seen one.

    Glad to see that you're finally getting some decent gardening weather in your area!

  2. Ha ha so much for a blog. however let me tell you what feed is. Feed is a great tool for others who read your blog and want to get updated from time to time.

    On the address bar where you type after the page is loaded you see in address a small orange colored icon if you are using firefox that is. Click on that icon and it will be added to your bookmark with last 10 or 15(whatever the setting may be)posts. As soon as you do a new posting the latest post will come in that bookmark. So its a great tool to keep me updated about your blog if i have subscribed to the feed of your blog.

    Sory for the english. i m an indian. Have happy blogging.

  3. Hi Peppy! Had to drop my other blog and move back to blogspot. It happened very suddenly. Glad you found me there, been trying to let people know, but can't remember who I've told and who I haven't yet.

    I agree, I don't really like the comment moderation either, even though I understand why people use it.

    Those deep burgundy iris are absolutely GORGEOUS! What a beautiful color!

  4. beautiful flowers there Dora, I like to see a lot of pink and white, I'm trying to get more of that for my garden.


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