Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Weather report for March + Heads or Tail (Fool)

Every Tuesday Skittles the host of Heads or Tails and every week there is something fun and interesting going on.
This week it Heads and post something relate to “fool”

I thought of a few saying that relate to the word fool.
“All the fools are having fun”
“Young and foolish
“Only a fool would try to predict the weather”
“Fool me once your the fool..fool me twice I’m the fool”
Ok first of every month I do a weather report from the month before which would be March of 08.

The best way to statement to explain the month of March is “cold and damp”
I don’t remember when it snowed in March I know it has before but it been a while.
The hottest day in March was on the 9 and 10th and it got up to 51.8
The coldest day in March was on the 25th and it got up to 17.2
For the Average high for the month 45.4
For the Average cold for the month 26.6
We had 6 and eighth inches.
I haven’t set up our rain gage.

No I’m not going to predict the rest of the year as weather goes. Confession time…I made of fool of my self plenty of times and with Murphy law I’ll do it again

As some of you know that I give my opinion for spiritual matter from four different faiths Buddhist, Christian, Islam, and Earthy type

I have never drawn the fool card when it comes to my Earthy reading but since today topic is fool I’ll share from my book on Tarot by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber

Message: You need to trust you are a spirit born into flesh to enjoy and grow in experience. Take a chance and see what happens. Be as open as a child.
Risk seeming foolish, naïve, or optimistic.
A sense of humor is vital


  1. Murphy's Law was created for fools like me. LOL!!!

  2. Happy April Fool's Day. Enjoyed your post.

  3. Yes, I know Murphy's Law all too well.

    But, what caught my attention was the phrase from your book that said "Be as open as a child"... oh, if we could all be like this more often, the world would honestly be a better place, I think.

    Hope you had a great Tuesday!

  4. march weather here was not up to mcuh either, but still i don't think i'd move to anywhere else.

  5. Well, it was foolish we had a white easter.


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