Saturday, April 19, 2008

Photo Hunt (Thirteen)

This week photo theme is Thirteen (13) and the following week the theme is: unique/funny signs
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When I was 13 my horse Taurus was born. I got my first horse his mom Shot gun Trix( trixie). So their was a youth horsing raising project and local people who had stallions donate Stud fee and we got a mare bred by “Robin Red Star”
So for many years I rode horse in horse show.
This is Taurus when he was between 4 and 6 years old.
He and I won quite a few wards.
One year I entered him in Spokane fair and in his halter class he got reserve champion out of about 50 horses.
Confession time…the only reason I didn’t get champion that I held the lead to short and I made him travel crooked
His full name was “T Taurus Red” and he died of old age


  1. He was a good lookin horse! I love horses. My mom won so many awards with hers... I just had some on the farm but never entered any comps.

    My PhotoHunt will auto-publish in about an hour+15 min. =) Just visiting a few while I have the extra moment =)

  2. It's a lovely photo of you and your horse. Taurus was a great looking horse. Thank you for sharing your fond memories of him.

  3. peppylady, is that you sitting sooo straight in the saddle? Great post! THanks for visiting me! :D

  4. My mom used to own and ride horses. She had to sell her last horse because my dad's allergic.

  5. You look like you belong in that saddle!

  6. What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful friend!

  7. Those are such great memories for you. And a wonderful photo: I'm glad you still have it.


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