Saturday, April 05, 2008

Photo Hunt (glass)

Welcome to the photo hunt and this week theme is glass and next week theme is twist(ed)
Please visiting TN Chick Photo Hunt Site for all the information

I had few ideals about this week theme and right before I took a picture of my reading glasses.
I went into our bedroom and sat my glass globe on my dresser, that my boys gave me years ago for Christmas.
The reason they gave me as part of Noah ark scene stand two giraffe and collect giraffes
The song this globe play is “side by side”


  1. Interesting glass globe. I prefer those which I can shake and see lots of snowflakes :P

  2. What a beautiful glass globe. It must be quite the precious item in your abode!

  3. Good choice. I think globes are pretty

  4. That's the first glass globe I see today ! It's very nice ! I didn't think about it at all !

  5. That's a great snowglobe. The base is neat, the rainbow perfect.

  6. Hello dear Dora:-)

    I'm so sorry for taking so long to drop by and visit you, it's taking me forever to catch up with everyone! I do hope this finds you enjoying some beautiful Spring weather? It's been gorgeous here the last few days and the snow is finally starting to's been a longggg winter!

    Love your snowglobe...I collect them, especially the Disney ones, and they are always a joy to look at and shake or listen to the music:-) xox


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