Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ole Spreader Got a New Leaf On Life

This is my first time doing Green Thumb Sunday and the host of this meme is feverish thoughts
I’m not sure on the rest of the world but in my little space of this world we had a long winter.
Info Time…around the first part of the month I do a weather report from the month before

This is real truly what spring should feel like in North Idaho. Everything seems to be behind.

no trees with leaves but I believe all of them in our yard got buds on them.
Actual the closes tree to fully bud is our Western Larch or know as a tamrack.

Murphy and I been doing some yard work, raking. Actual Murphy has been doing quite a bit of raking this year.

Both of us did a little burning by our mailbox of old dead grass.

We sold our horse trailer and now they’re a new space open for something. It depends how fast if gets dug up. Then we will know possible know what we could plant.
I was thinking of Raspberries or Strawberries.
But I was looking around on blog and found asparagus to me that sounded good.
Confession time…I sure notice I’m sure out of shape and I seem to be taken more breaks then I should be at person at my age

My parents had this old fertilizer spreader from way back as far as I can call. Well it finely gave up the ghost and we decided we want to grow flowers in it. So in one of the drawers I keep seeds and started some of the flowers in pots

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  1. We did have a long winter too but finally it's over now and my garden showed some bloom now.


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