Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New Spring Look For 08

It been a change day. I finely had with my hair and I went into Sandpoint to get a semi make over which consist of hair cut. I don’t look good in real long hair unless I keep it curl and who has time for that.
Then I look stretch out munchin in face.
A nice medium layered look good on me plus I had my eyebrows reshaped. This ran me $20 bucks plus I gave the girl a $5.00 tip

I went into yokes and got some grape tomatoes, barbeque pork, Matsutke mushroom and Kumbu seaweed which came to little over 16 bucks and I’m planning to do a rice dish with this stuff.
Actual I’m planning to use the mushroom in the fridge and use the Matsutke mushroom when I make a potassium broth

Then after that I went into McDonald and had there Asian salad and cup black Joe

Then I head over to Wal-Mart and got all practical stuff you know like flour, sugar, Ziggy some dry kitty food, and stuff like that.
The only thing I got out of the food line is a pair of shoes for five bucks, pack of incense, black mascara, and facial hair remover.
I honestly was surprise I spent about $90 there.
Statement time…I found some cute little outfits for Daisy but I never bought any of them.
Looked at some of their bulbs and plants but as cold as it been I’m wondering if gardens are happening this year.
Around here a person plant there garden anytime after mid May.

I hung my clothes out to dry this morning and was wondering if it was going to down pour but it real haven’t been all that warm today, real breezy.

If anyone notice on right side of my blog I have a walking ticker and now I’m up to 31 miles of walking and every 25 miles I buy my self something. So this time it was a hair cut

If any one want to see my new cut Click here and the sun was in my eyes.

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