Sunday, April 13, 2008


This month card is the “Lover “ card and Love and Hate is so different and at time it can spin around and be the same thing.
Murphy and my togetherness sure have had there ups and down. We lived together for the first five years and everything seem to be all fun for the most part.
Then I became pregnant and we got married.
Then suddenly things change we had no money, Murphy got hurt at local sawmill and Sawyer was born premature.
I open a ceramic short time before all of this happen I tried to take the boys to work and Statement time…People thinks it a wonderful to take your child to work but a lot of people won’t go to a business were young ones are Business was slipping slowly down the tube.
I had to close shop up and became very depressed at that time and had a hard time deal with failure.
Murphy went back to work and his first job was at Clifty View Nursery it wasn’t much of a job and I was so depress that I had a hard time functioning.
So we fought and fought…verbealy, emotional, and physical both ways.
At time I don’t know what kept us going..communcation skill, bullheadness, love, or faith. It might be a combination of four above.
We real don’t fight like that anymore but today Murphy irritated me “It seem like if I sit down to read or get on computer in less then 15 minutes he will ask me to help him in project, mainly if I’m reading”
Confession time…I sometime wonder what a certain couple see in each other. There been time I wondered why I married Murphy but after all the trail and heartache we gone though I’m glad I did.
Note time…I don’t necessary have everything in time event order for events

Actual Murphy and I got some small project done outdoors. We raked and picked up by the Northside of the house.
I’m thankful that the piles of doggie poop is gone it looked awful.

Then Murphy and I went looking for gopher holes out in hay field sooner or later the farmers will be putting poison out and they will be heading into people yards who doesn’t poison.
Ziggy the cat does a fairly good job of catching gophers and etc.
I’ve never known or heard any domestic animal dieing from the gopher poison that they put out in fields

It was quite warm today and Murphy and I drove to buttom of Peterson hill and turned in on Wagon Wheel road looking for morel mushrooms.
Personally I thought it was a little early. Most of the time morels and dandelions go hand and hand together.
Then we went across the highway to gather some rocks we didn’t fine that many this time just a few.

I purge a big box today and found quite a few coats that was my mom and I knew there was good coats and now I’m ready to deal with them.
First I’ll have to take them to laundry or dry cleaners. Then I’ll see what I want and the rest I’ll pass on

Murphy and Bart been burning the old dead grass around here

Today was the first time I hung laundry out to dry

I don’t know how many time I threw the ball for Daisy to fetch.

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