Monday, May 05, 2008


This is a sticky note and if your looking for my regular blog it below

Dear Bloggers,

I have two favors to ask so I can complete my on going projects

I know some of my wonderful on line friends have sent items for my friendship jar and I thank you so.
Those who would like to add something to my friendship jar may.
It real simple “you may sent me anything of your chosen’ and “it must be free”
Three of the items I have is dog hair, button, and keychain.

I start to put together journal scrapbook for each of my boys which I been slowly getting my blog print off. Which I wish started earlier.
At this time I don’t know when I’ll be given my boys this scrapbook journal as at this time in life. I believe family history isn’t all that important to them.
I know one day it will be and I want to add quite a few pages and even make many books for them.
But I also been adding pages of poem, picture, clips from magazine or newspaper, photos and etc.
I would like to add pages from different bloggers of your own creativity.
It could be a page about your hometown, favorite verse of any belief , poem, a personal tips, newspaper clippings or what your heatr desire to do.
These items must feet into a plastic sleeve 8 and ½ by 11 inches. I’ll furnish the sleeve.

To me it is very importantfor me to have something of your own choosing.
Please mail to…Peppylady
159 Julain Rd
Naples Id 83847 USA
Anyone is welcome to repost this…………Peppy.


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. Seems we have alot of things in common. Spokane has changed alot and has stayed the same in the 13 years that I have lived here. Still has crummy streets and corrupt city government but on the other hand is still a nice small town trying to be a big city. We have been happy here. I just wish spring will finally arrive for good and for the snow to go away till next winter. Your blog is cool and I will sure visit again.

  2. No snow here yet. In fact a little blue sky is showing. Hope you have a great weekend.

  3. Peppylady,

    This is a wonderful idea. I will see what I can come up with for your journal.

    Thanks for your comments on my post about animal therapy. It has made a world of difference to the boys.


  4. Thanks for stopping by peppylady. You should check out the Pagan Bloggers Network I've set up. You might be interested in joining. There is a link in the right hand column of my blog..

  5. You have some wonderful ideas.
    I wish my Mom had made a Scrapbook for me.
    I'm sure they will love it later on!

    (And maybe you should open up your comment section to the world? ;) )


  6. Anonymous3:22 AM

    that's a wonderful idea. i don't want to promise but i'll see what i can come up with. i've moved office again. oh gosh! i'm so busy! =D


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