Monday, April 28, 2008

Brain Mush so that Equel Junk Food

It seem to be a long day for me.
Work physical wasn’t hard but it was somewhat mental challenging. Donna want me to do some sprouting and I never done it in jars.
But I have between paper towels.
She is going on a raw food diet.
Plus a little later on I’ll be growing wheat grass for her.

I try to avoid prepackage foods as much as I can but tonight. I didn’t feel like cooking and my brain was full of mush.
So I grab fish steaks and Texas Toast for dinner. Plus I had some green beans in our pantry.

I have been please how my day worked out for me. I’m thinking simple one life may be the way to go.
I tried to be one of these women who did it all and it mainly brought my frustration and guilt on.
I got 3 small chores done before I left and when I got 3 small chores done when I got home.
Plus I’ll set the timer for 15 minutes and make our house a home don’t matter how small but it something.

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  1. Hi Dora:-)

    It seems all I do is playing catch up with everyone these days! Blame it on the gorgeous weather we were having, I didn't want to be inside:-) Now we have a cold front that's crept in and when I got up this morning there were actually snow flakes flying around. Thankfully it stopped and just stayed cloudy. I really don't think I can handle snow on the ground right now! lol

    I agree with you, simple days are the best way to go! Life just gets so crazy at times and we forget to slow down and just enjoy our days. I've noticed that I need more breaks too when I'm doing yard work but that's ok...I don't let that bother me at all:-)


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