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Saturday, March 22, 2008

photo hunt (Metal)

This week theme for photo hunt is metal and next week theme will be high.
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We have had this in family on my fathers side for a very long time and my mom use to tell me they use to cast candle in this during the time of the revolutionary war.
I could never figure out how they got the candle out


  1. Perhaps they were lifted out by the wicks?

  2. Maybe once the candles were cast they placed it into some warm water and pulled them out this way.

  3. What a neat old antique! Very historic.

  4. I really love seeing old antique inventions. They're really remarkable! thanks for sharing.

    Pearl - hava a good weekend

  5. Actually I believe that rather than warming the candles to get them out, they probably froze the candles. Candle-making was an autumn activity, after the slaughtering of the pigs & other non-essential livestock, so pouring the candles into the moulds during the day, then letting them cool & "freeze" a bit at night would allow them to be easily removed from the moulds.

    Try it with old candle wax. Pour your melted wax into a large-mouthed glass container and let it set up a few hours. Try removing it when it hardens, but is room-temp. It won't budge. Now, stick it in the freezer for an hour. When you remove the container from the freezer, push on the wax with your thumb (and it does take a bit of a push, still) and it should pop out.

    I do this frequently with left-over candle-wax, making my own "tarts" for my tart-burner using those glass "glade candle" cups. The bad part is when you put TOO much wax into the cup, and even though you should really be able to get the wax out, the disk of wax is too big to fit through the lip of the cup.

    Anyway, that's my experience & theory. It's neat to see the old candle-moulds, though, PeppyLady!!! You always have such interesting pictures to share!

  6. Interesting candle cast. It's nice that your family have kept it all these years. Thanks for visiting.

  7. Maybe the candles are way too long...



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