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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Not A Dull Moment

Over the weekend more things did happen. Don’t worry anything terrible at all.
Well first thing I’ll say is that “Sawyer came up to visit from Courd’Alene he living with his cousin Sam and their family.

Every so often here they have at our local fairground a pack rat sale. Well my client Donna and I went there on Friday.
Every time I been to a pack rat sale I so far find some great bargains.

I found these two items both I paid a quarter for one a dishtowel with farm animals on it and the other piece is a stackable Tupperware piece and I also gave a quarter for it.

I promise my self I wouldn’t buy any more Christmas stuff and when I was at the pack rat sale I found a this one neat item and it was marked at $2.25.
I real don’t have any place to hang stocking around the place.
Honest time…I could use more of the other holiday decoration then Christmas

Even Donna did great at the sale

When Sawyer came up it seem he was here and mainly off doing things. One of the projects he and his brother Bart did was

to remove his truck bed and put on a different bed.
Actual Sawyer made this bed for his mud bogger pick up but he never complete the task.
So he gave the bed to Bart and together they stuck it on the pick-up.

One thing I want a few picture and I decided to be in majority of them. It seems like I’m always using the camera.
I don’t believe anyhow was thrilled about having there picture taking.
But who knows when a moment like this in time will happen again. “It won’t”

Left to right Bart, Sawyer and Peppy

Well I did a little bit of cooking for Sawyer. I asked him what he wanted for dinner he said Steak and Lobster.
But his champagne taste came down and he wanted chicken and dumplings
For Sunday Morning Breakfast I made waffles and serve them with raspberries and banana. Plus I whip up some cream.

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