Sunday, January 06, 2008

We Are Created to Love One Anther

For my personal spiritual writing is from the Quran Chapter 6 verse 1 goes as follow

Praise be to God who created the heavens and the Earth, and Who made darkness and light; yet those who have rejected their Lord continue to deviate.

I personal give god/dess a lot of credit but I also give the devil/less it’s credit.
I personal try to have a loving relationship with father sky and mother earth. But they are the days that the devil Opinion time…Everyone choice there final relationship on how one behaves we all responsible for our own action real tries to direct me in the wrong ways and I’ll show bitterness, prejudice, judgmental and all sort of nasty way of being toward my fellow human.
When we do nasty things regardless of their believes we are making unloving toward god/dess Opinion time…Love one anther
We are all responsible for our own personal relationship with God/dess and no two relationships with god/dess is exactly the same.
Opinion time…It doesn’t matter what we call our self it is important to show love to everyone regardless of what one believes ,non believers, or what they worship(s). When we love those who we see eye to eye or we total disagree with us we aren’t rejecting God/dess

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