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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Mr Ground Hog, Whats the News

Today is Ground hog day and as the legend goes if the ground hog see’s his shadow they’ll be six more weeks of winter which would be March 16th. My question is. If the ground hog doesn’t see his/her shadow how long will winter be? a day, 1 week, 3 weeks, 1 month, 3 month, or what.
Their no ground hogs here and no one saw their shadow today.

We was going to move some stuff out on the new shelves we build. The door knob fell off of our door to our kitchen. So Murphy and I went into town and got a new door knob. I don’t see what is so hard to pick out a door knob. It seems like it took Murphy a long time to decide. I know we didn’t want a bed and bath door knob.

This after noon Murphy and I moved some stuff out of the old hay barn. We pretty well got the bulk on one side out of their. Some items that he kept I would put in yard sale side. Then he probably thought some things I want should go in the yard sale stuff.
We both decided that end of April or the first part of May would be good time to have a yard sale.
They’re some boxes filled with stuff that needs some individual sorting. Which will be time consuming.

I can’t work on 24/7 on toward my ceramic shop. I feel like I’ve made some progress toward it


Anyhow the house needs a little straighten out and it wouldn’t hurt to do a load of laundry.

Plus Murphy drove down to see the Washington and Idaho State line to watch the striper. He will come home and say Their all to skinny. I wish they hire some with a little extra weight and age
Lets get real most men don’t want to look at a middle age woman, with wrinkles, sagging parts, more then few extra pounds and going grey. They sure aren’t going to bring in the crowds.

This will be good for me I sometime I have anxiety attacks when I’m left alone. I figure if I keep my self busy it should help.
The other strange part I have no desire to have a all-important social life with a lot of people


  1. I think it is if he doesn't see his shadow there will be 2 weeks left of winter. That is just what I heard though, I haven't gotten that information officially from any source! Hopefully you will find your answer! :)

  2. Or maybe it is that winter will only be 2 weeks longer than usual. Oh, I guess I don't know either! Now you've got me curious! :)

  3. Lets hope spring is around the corner. I've got a few daffodils popping up about 6 inches now. Its the rain that'll do that.

  4. Phil, the groundhog, sees his shadow every year, thus, we alway have six more weeks of winter.

    Why does Phil see his shadow every year? As soon as he pokes his cute little nose out of his den, the cameras from all over the US start to take his picture. All those flashes confuse him into thinking he sees his shadow. So we have no one to blame but the main stream media for the long winters of late.


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