Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Good Friends Should Be Treasured

Our friends Earl and Quenelle came over and visited with us today. Earl and Murphy had a nice visit as Quenell and I looked over her web site
didn’t take long to take care of what she want to do on her site.
I showed her what I had comming up in my flower beds. I thought I had grape hyacinth or snow drops popping up. Quenelle told me they were star of Bethlehem I have to be honest I don’t know if I have the nerve to eat them or not But I have to say their a real pretty Flower
We showed them both our new shelves we put in the barn and gave them some lumber. We finished the day out by talking and playing pinochle Earl and I was partners. Of arouse we won! A confession of mine Everyone except Murphy are experience pinochle players. Ok I got the bid on one of the rounds and had to lead out a trick and accidently threw out the wrong card , my mistake. If Murphy does something wrong they let him corrected his boo boos’. How long should we give Murphy a handicap?

My last pay check was short by 43 hours!
The time before they over payed me and I talk to their book keeper and he gave me a choice to either send what I was over payed or they would hold out on my next pay check. So I decide to send back the over payment.
One of their bigger accounts said they had to take it out of my pay check and they was sending back the money order. I haven’t yet receive the money order and it’s put a small financial strain on the family. I honestly don’t think it will take long to get things squared away.

I feel bad that I couldn’t go to my son Bart wresting match This is his first year wrestling in high school as a freshman. He yet haven’t pin any one yet. I don’t quite understand wrestling but I know you try to get points or pin the other person.
Yesterday after practice he was so sore that we took some aspirin rubbed ice hot on his sore muscle and fell asleep on the couch.


  1. Quenelle has a nice website, and I'm sure she appreciated all your help. I like her quotation:

    "If I had a flower for every thought of you, my garden would bloom forever."

  2. Quenelle has very pretty pictures on her website! I love the one of the garden on the first page of her website.


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