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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Faith in Laughter

In the news is how the Islam is up set over a political cartoon of Muhammad with a bomb on his head. I personally never saw the cartoon.
People made fun of different religions, told jokes about different faiths, and drew cartoons. Are we all getting to up tight in this world?

I went on the wonderful information highway, the world wide web and tried to see how different religions felt about laughter. I’m disappointed on what I couldn’t fine I mainly found ex members of certain faith how their now making fun of that religion. I want to find out different scriptures of all faith on laughter.

The best result was christen I have confess I didn’t read any of these scriptures yet
Then I tired to find about laughter in the Koran and came up empty handed and even among other religions. I didn’t check on every single religions.

I found a little something from the book of dummies on laughter in the wiccan I don’t know if they wiccans have a book of their beliefs. But I think this close I found for my answers I too was disappointed on what I found

I decided to look outside of gods’ realm for laughter. The best thing to say about laughter is Laughter is the best medicine Even Web Md had a lot on laughter
I found the science behind laughter Then I also found click here to read

Doesn’t any god have a sense of humor? President Bush made a joke about the baby boomers about his dad two favorite son will soon be 60. President Clinton and himself will be 60 I really doubt this up set god. I would bet god even got a chuckle out that. I would bet all gods of what every faith he/she represents was a great sense of humor and joys a good laugh

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