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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Pricing out Cookie Jars and Canister Sets

I’ve been typing my price list for my ceramic shop. I’ve been using Quattro pro. So far it works ok. I got twenty some days left in my free trail. I’m 98% sure, that I’m going to purchase it.

The price range area I’m typing now is when gas is between $2.00 and $2.50 at our local shell station, and these items will be marked up 1.6 times to 2.6 times. Depending on the difficulty in doing a piece. At this present time it looks like I'd sell cookie jars for around $30 dollars and canisters set of 4 for around $47
All of the piece will be detail and quailty workmanship at fair price

It seems so slow getting a business going or reestablish. I know if made progress but not at the rate I wanted to.

The railroads tie was taken from the barn where we need to built shelves. Hopeful tomorrow we can start out there After I get done with work.
I know where we want the shelves at. But we are not sure exactly what we want to build.

My friends Quenelle and her husband Earl got their site up. They’re doing weddings. They do you have beautiful rock and flower gardens.
Quenelle and Earl are very honest people. I wish them well on their new business adventure. It would be beautiful place to be married at

I wish I was father along in my ceramics. I’d like to be doing different types of shows and had a web page up

Any how I get to help Quenelle with her weddings. I’ll be in charge of crafts. and I’ll make wages plus what she buys from me in ceramics.

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