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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Letting Go Of the Apron Strings

I don’t think my son Sawyer is happy with me. Plans aren’t working out like he wants them to. He ask if I could write a note and he could get out of 7th period so he could go get his girl friend Valarie younger sister Edna. Because her parents was going to Spokane to take of some family business. I had no problem with this.
A little later on he ask if could skip school and go over to Valarie home and I thought to teenagers together Male and Female it could possible spell trouble.
Maybe I worry about the two to much I worry about them becoming teenage parents, sexual transmitted disease, and be known as a child molester. In the state of Idaho every 6 months or 1 time a year they post picture in our local paper of people who been convicted of a sex crime. Even teenagers who was dating and some one got pissed and took revenge on the other person. The whole ideal of dating scares me
General speaking Sawyer shows a lot of responsibility. But sometime it hard for me not to worry. One day I talk to his Prime time teacher and he found a large sum of money. He thought of keeping it. A little confession If I found a large sum of money I’d been thinking of keeping it well he turn it in.
Their a club at our local high school. Not exactly sure what it’s called. They ask the student body of the entire school who they would trust to do the right thing. Well Sawyer got picked.
But it scares and worries me that my son will be leaving the nest soon and I know I shouldn’t be stressing out over it

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  1. I think moms always worry about their kids, no matter how old their kids are. I just think it shows that you care and you're wanting the best for him (even though I'm sure he wouldn't agree sometimes).


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