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Friday, January 20, 2006

Let our Elective Officals Live on $5.15 an Hour.

. Our legislature we send to Washington, D.C. to serve all the people hasn’t raised the federal minion wage of $5.15 an hour. I’d bet my sweet bibies if they earn $5.15 an hour. The wages would go up better then 10 times without batting an eye


I took a little while to see how low of wages we could live on if we had to

I came up, with $8.00 an hour. If actual our wages was $8.00 an hour. We wouldn’t do any of the holidays or birthdays. No extra of anything. We couldn’t do any home inprovement on our home at all. Let me tell you if Murphy law couldn’t come knocking on our door on $8.00 I couldn’t afford to replace any major appliances in our home.
Confession time I inherited the home we live in now free and clear. If we had to make payments on our home $8.00 an hour wouldn’t do it.

If I actual had met a monthly home payment we would have to be making $16.00 an hour. Even on this wages, we couldn’t afford for anything to go wrong. If the stove goes tits up I’d have to be cooking out side like in the cover wagon days

If I had to make a house payment for this home and probably cover anything that would possibly come up. This household would have to make $24.00 an hour. We would be doing the holidays and birthdays. We would have a fighting chance against Murphy law at $24.00 an hour

I have no desire to live on survival wages or no desire to live high on the hog

Ok I’d say $16.00 an hour would be fair livable wage. I personally don’t need a new car and I have no problem getting my stuff second handed. At 16.00 an hour I feel comfortable keeping Murphy law from getting the upper hand

Our house hold don’t make $16.00 an hour. If I broke down our 2005 yearly income to an hourly working wage. Between Murphy my husband and I our combine hourly wage would be $13.50 an hour.

I ALSO THINK THEY SHOULD BE EXPOSITION LAWS I know place like wal mart, McDonald, even both of our employer could give us a better wage.
I know my employer could afford to give me a raise.

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