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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

In my eyes these "Christmas" tree's are just right

Today at work I brought Callie a Christmas tree and it was a red fir. Her daughter Emily father and everyone in household set it up.

Callie says she doesn’t love Wes but I wonder if theirs isn’t something there. I notice when she talks to Wes, there a certain look in her eyes. I bet a dollar to a dozen doughnuts that she positivity doesn’t hate him Maybe she just wants her daughter to have a good relationship with her dad.

Enough talk about people relationship. We re a range our living room to put up our christmas tree. This year we got a grand fir and I’m pretty pleased with it. I don’t like farm raised christmas trees because you just lay the ornaments on them.
I don’t like Charlie Brown Christmas tree because they’re to spinney to hang and ornaments on them and the tree falls over.

This morning I went to curves and did one round. I haven’t been for about two weeks. I was doing one whole round plus 14. I think that’s a round and a half. I don’t know why I did this but I ate a cup on vanilla ice cream this evening I decide I wasn’t going to try to loose any weight during the holidays. I was going just stay the same.

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