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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

don't lay your ornament on the tree

I was told that the trees I choice for Christmas tree looks like what Charlie Brown would pick. My tree looks far from a Charlie brown tree . A farm raise Christmas tree you don’t hang the ornaments you lay them across the tree


My supervisor called me at work and was bitchy about me not getting my hours in. I work for a full life agency . My client Callie is pose to get 18 3/4 hours a week.
Thanksgiving’s week I got 16 ½ hours. Because of her want to spend time with her family and I respected my clients’ privacy.
I would understand that if my client would need a lot more care then Callie does, such as feeding, toilet assist, and or mobility assist. I would never think of leaving a person to defend for their self if I new if they was even a slight chance of them being hurt.
In my honest opinion I think Callie hours should be Maximum 16 and lease hours she would be 12 a week.
A full life agency bills Medicaid at 15 something an hour. If my hours are short, they don’t get paid by medicaid. The truth is Full life cares more about the button line then the clients. I feel quite at easy that I could get all of my work done with Callie in 16 hours. So A Full Life Agency is basically getting 2.75 hours a week from the tax payers. This is corporation greed I get $7.90 an hour out of the $15.00 an hour.

I tried to load my camera software and I don’t know what went on. I f it works the picture of the decorate tree is Callie and the nondecorate tree is mine, grand fir.

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