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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Eve At My In Laws.

Christmas eve was pleasant and I think everyone enjoyed them self. A least, I sure did. There were ten adults, four teenagers, four younger children, two babies, and two dogs.

Three O’ Clock we started with drinks and odervrs’ I had one hot cocoa and peppermint snaraps. I was hoping they had margretties Then a few waters and a cup of coffee. I had very little butterscotch snaraps. And finished the night with one beer.

Dinner was served at five and my sisters’ law Faith sat three tables. Each table was different in good taste. All had beautiful center pieces, table cloth and napkin ring holders. My sister-in-law collects napkin ring holders.
For dinner offering we had oyster stew, pizza, ham, dinner rolls, cottage cheese jell-O salad, cheese plate and carrot cake for desert. After dinner and dishes were done

. We started to open presents. The little kids went first and I think everyone got them something.
Then we did teenagers. Faith bought them all light sleeping bags or fleece bags I call them southern California bags. Then they did their gift exchange. Sawyer ends up with Uyen present which is a pair of gloves, the local high school blanket, and electronic game "20 questions." Bart got the pocket knife set that Sawyer gave.
The beebe gun that Bart brought, their cousin Matt got it.
Then the adults did their Christmas gift exchange. We drew numbers and went in numeral order. I had the lucky number 10 and us ether picked a gift off the table or we took a present from someone else we wanted. Then after all the gifts we given out. We sat in a circle and rolled a pair of dice and if rolled doubles you could swap your gift for anther one.
My brother-in-law Earl ended up with the can opener I gave. Murphy’s sister ended up with set of towels he gave.
Murphy got a lazar level and box of socks and I got some unique note cards and a thermometer. After the present was given out.

Faith put out some two candy trays and then serval games were brought out. Then the rest of the evening we played games and Visit.

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  1. That sounds like a neat time. Merry Christmas!


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