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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Kitchen, is a place I like to be

My computer been giving me headache. I don’t even know how long it will take me to do my blogg for today. The mouse and or key board keep freezing up.

Well I got quite a bit done around the house. I feel like I accomplished something today. Majority of the time I hardly feel like I accomplished or it was never worth while I did quite a few loads of laundry and got it all folded, put away except for the load of work clothes. Got the kitchen and living room under control. A few days ago I hung our Turkey wreath up and this afternoon I put on a Thanksgiving tablecloth.

Am I out of step? This evening Sawyer came over with his girl friend Liana. She seems nice and very pretty.
She had so much cologne on that my asthma started to act up. I know when I was a teenager I wore plenty of cologne.
For dinner I made pot roast with potatoes and vegetable cooked all together. Plus a cottage cheese Jell-O type fruited salad. So they were plenty to go around.
As I was pulling out dinner out of the oven to be serve. Sawyer and Liana was out on the steps. So Sawyer came in and said
Sawyer: “Can I have one of these?” (Pointed at the box of little Debbie)
Peppylady: “ Yea and take one for Liana. Dinner is being serve and there is plenty.
Sawyer: “Liana is real picky”
So he took her home.

Does anyone cook form scratch anymore?

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