weight lost and walking

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

my mind going to fast

My mind seems to be racing from point to point. I’m having trouble keeping focus today. I’m still feeling over whelm mental. honestly hearing my self think or I call them friendly sprits talking. But this is to much

Yesterday before I left work my client Callie said that she had an appointment with her P.S.R worker at 8 this morning and wonder if it would be ok to call me when she was done. I said “no problem” well it almost two here now and I haven’t heard from her yet. When she doesn’t call it seem like her sister Eris is involved. Once in a while Eris has seizer and they don’t know what will cause them. I sure hope she didn’t have anther seizer. Some time I think that Eris takes advantage of her sister, Callie. And Callie lets it happen
I am wondering if I’ll get my hours in for the week. I get 18 ¾ hours a week. To be quite honest Callie is on disability and Medicaid. She talked about being more independence She only real needs 12 hours a week that’s my opium is I’m amaze how Medicaid figure these hours out for these home care givers.

This morning the dog Butch and I went for a walk just short of a mile. We actual walked fairly slow pace. One thing about a dog they seem to be a true friend and never passes judgment or least we don’t know if they do. I’ve always enjoyed and liked Animals.
I also liked to garden both eatable plants and pretty flowers. This fall I planted the flowerbed below my front window this flower is is called “freebies Hodge pod flower bed” I didn’t grow a garden this year which I miss doing. Being out doors is something I find relaxing and getting into dirt it makes it all worth wile. so when I get my ceramic shop up and going I want to put in a veggie garden and more flowers.
Anyhow today I clean some in my yellow and purple flowerbed I dug up my two dahlias

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