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Friday, July 29, 2005

Callie Orange Salad

Another hot day for the high it got up to 98. Yesterday for high here it was 103. I’m glad that heat doesn’t last to long around here.
Today I went to 3-yard sales. Real didn’t find anything I was interested in buying except a small lamp.
The 1st yard sale I went to they were moving and had buckets of food for sale, can water in mason jars and 50 gallon water containers. These people was either L.D.S or they think the world is coming to end Tuesday afternoon.
I’ve taken care of people who always getting ready for something or other. I personally believe these people are real scared deep down.
But then on the other hand nothing wrong planning for a rainy day.
I made Callie orange salad for dinner.

Callie orange salad
1 large can or 2 small can of mandarin oranges drained.
1 large package if orange Jell-O
Regular size of cool whip (generic brand works best)
2 pounds of cottage cheese.

Put this all in mixing bowl and stir well. Put in fridge for over 6 hours so it can set up. Today I cut up a 2 banana and add to it.

My hubby and I put North Idaho mountain driftwood below the big window. It looks kind of nice. Here I’m starting on anther flowerbed and front one needs dead heading and weeded.

I forgot to add I did my curves workout today.

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