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Friday, May 27, 2005

My husband needs to pay attention

Boy the only time my hubby pays attention to me if he got a hard on and thats on a daily bases. I want him to pay attention to me when he don't have a hard on. I feel like I'm lacking emotional and conversation attention. When he comes home from work the only thing he does get on the computer down loads video clips and beats off. After he does that he ready for sex and bed.
I did say something this morning about how I feel that I was missing his attention. I some how feel guilty when I complain about something.
If I was going to say a negative thing about my dad that he also grip about everything.
This morning I stop at an estate sell and they had a brand new husky riding lawn mower for nine hundred dollars. Well they would'nt take a check so I had to rush to the bank. A person got their before me and bought it. A a good riding lawn mower is three thousand or more.
Now I'm home playing on the computer. I'm waiting for a phone call from one of my clients from home care. She was going to be gone most of the day to do laundry.
My other client went to the vet hospital over in spokane and I'll be lacking 8 hours on my next pay peroid and I real don't want to be lacking for more hours.
What I'm hoping she will be back early enough that I can get her home done this evening.
My second choice would give her 2 hours tommorow and 1.75 on saturday. My last choice would be start at 10AM and finish up at 1:45 in the afternoon.
I just want to have a weekend off. Let see if I can post a picture

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