weight lost and walking

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Gee have'nt been around much. Went back doing home health care part time. Making 7.90 and hour. The main reason I went to work so I can start doing ceramics and crafts. Planing to sell finish pieces.
Gas went up in price again yesterday now regular at $2.09. They blame the liberal for the gas being so high. I wonder what percentage they are making off the oil wells. Food, gas and home energy does not count when they are figureing inflaction rate...Thats were the middle class and the low income spends large portion of their money on.
Wash my car today. and clean a little bit in my flower garden below my window I got stuff comming up and I don't know whats comming up.
It was mid 20 this AM. Now it got up to 58.

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