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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Leave Well Enough A Lone

Some time back I decided to try to use a narrator program. It wasn't what I thought it would be. Now I don't have a microphone or audio (sound).
Some time it best to leave a laying dog alone. Well I didn't and I'm paying the so called price. It not end of the world.
But for now no You Tube, until I figure how to fix it.

Murphy and I did a little more on the deck. Got the rock cut saw all clean up and it ready to be painted.
I believe I want to paint it some type of pewter color, so it still have that metal look but with a little shine to it.
The carpet is royal blue and I want some type of accent color to flow nicely with it. Out side of the RUSTY MOOSE I notice a chair done in pewter with high lights of red showing though it. I'm having a hard time picture that in that bedroom.
What I'm thinking of bright sunny yellow for high lights and main color pewter.
I'm up for suggestion on color combos.

Most of our dinner well the veggies came out of our garden. We had chicken and dumplings. I've had chicken noodles or even dumplings. They had no veggies in it.
Haul down the onions and shallots into the pantry in the basement.

Not sure exactly how I got our winter squash seeds. But I would say it a little big for Murphy and I.
One thing I want to do was to dry some zucchini and didn't have enough on the vine. Usual we're begging people to take our zuck.

One thing I just notice that some of our trees our starting to turn color. First night we had to cover part of our garden up. Possible freeze tonight. Then warm back up.

I've had my new sewing machine for a little while now. Haven't even looked at it yet. So this afternoon I took it out of the shipping box.

As speak now LaWalla want to do the Locker hook rugs 5th Oct. Still need to confirm with Alice and see if that works out with her.
She said she had some fabric that cut be cut in to strips. So I told her I would cut up some of her fabric.
I don't have anymore remnant fabric at this time. What I have can be possible used for project.

 Did a little on farmville and usual I can figure out what a fantasy crop. I know there no such thing as "Jingleberries" but I just harvest some Hawaiian ginger which real grows but not here in North Idaho.
But the first four photos are from our local fair.

Coffee is on


  1. Oh yea, you got a sewing machine! You'd been talking about that.

    Sorry for your technology woes. Hope it's an easy fix.

  2. Hope you get your sound fixed soon. I wouldn't like to be without youtube or my i-tunes playlist.
    I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with your sewing machine.

  3. Sorry about your sound, I hope you can figure it out soon.
    What a lovely squash! You could try drying some of it for soup later or cook and freeze for later.
    I'm looking forward to you starting on that rug, now that you have your sewing machine.

  4. That sounds so great re your getting your vegetables from your own garden! I don't have a garden and don't have green thumbs in any case... so am a trifle envious there! ;)

  5. Hari OM
    I echo the vege-envy!!! I like your pewter/yellow idea... You certainly don't lack for things to do!!! YAM xx


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