Monday, March 03, 2014

Good Ole dunking Cookies

I'm a fan of dunking my cookies in such thing is a nice hot cup of coffee or tea. Thank you and even nice cold glass of milk will do fine.
Yesterday I complete one of the item on my bucket list To make biscotti. In Italian biscotti means cookie.
This was my first time doing a twice bake cookie. That didn't bother me but the cutting direction threw me for a loop.
The first part made since  Form two logs, three inches in diameter, and place onto the baking sheets.
But after the cookies was pulled from the first around of baking...this part took me a very short time before it sank in to my head “ then remove from the oven and cut into 1 inch diagonal slices.
I would of use the term “length ways”
The last baking it say 10 minute. Instead of just 10 minutes on the other side. I turn and flip the biscotti let say every 3 to 5 minutes so each side would have a golden brown finish.
The last time in oven would have been a little longer then 10 minutes Opinion time...It came out a lot better for dunking cookie....Question time...Isn't that what a biscotti is?
Had part of bag of almonds and some mini chocolate chips and want to Incorporated then into the recipe.
Over at all recipes dot com. I did search for biscotti with almonds and c hocolate chips. I was send to a recipe called Mandelbrot.
Easy and can see lot variance in making Biscotti Next round I make will add a little dry fruit or herbs.

Coffee is on


  1. i used to like putting grande marnier in my coffee. in fact i liked putting any and all alcohol in my coffee.

  2. I like dunking.....

  3. This cookie, tho I've not had one, looks mighty fine to me. Tea please.

  4. Billy I like some alcohol in my hot chocolate.
    Bill Not sure why dunking cookies is the way to go.
    Anni I like to keep nice assortment of teas around.


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