Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Today Is September 16 2020. This Is What Happen

 Today would of been my mothers 97 birthday. She been gone 20 years and she was one not to sugar coat much anything. I recall one time I was watch some news story and some lady was saying kids in her day did what they were told. My mom would say..."That's nothing but a fib"...When she was younger she cooked for a place called Don's Cafe. I am guess this happen sometime during WWII area. She hadn't had a day off for sometime. Findly she got some time off. Start out some bar drinking and was looted to the wind. Well Don's cafe replacement didn't show and she had no ideal how she got there. Someone order steaks and fried oysters. Well she got the order out and being so drunk that somehow she put both of her hands on grill and burn them. Next day her hands was all blistered. The gentleman came back into the kitchen and thanks you, telling her it was best fried steak and oyster he every had. Gave her personal tip. I don't if she every told me the amount or I forgot.

Today was creative day with my clients. All three of us went. Liz didn't work on anything she did bring her drawing supplies and nothing came to her. I complete understand I had hard time figure something representing generosity and didn't want to angle off toward "trickle down" Regis worked on a diorama. He using spray foam to build I believe a cave. So Friday I be taking part in Paint Party Friday.

As for my quilt I am pretty much done doing the blues. I even start to square off some piece or what ever shape I can cut them into. But most of them went back into there correct container. Some time down the road I would like to make a CRAZY QUILT But before that I want to get my grand daughter quilts done. Work makes things go slow.

In morning I am going call about car.

Coffee is on 


  1. That must have hurt to burn the hands !

  2. Ouch on the burned hands! I hope they healed quickly.
    Perhaps next time you can suggest Liz just look around and draw what she sees.

  3. Hari OM
    Crikey, that's some tale of your mother! Mine was a teetotaller - but she still had a few wild tales, mainly involving getting into scrapes on her big hikes! YAM xx

  4. I can't wait to see your quilt work!

  5. Your mom sounds like a lot of fun. I know you miss her.

  6. Great story on your mom, may she rest in peace.

  7. That was quite the story about your Mom.

  8. Thanks for sharing the story about your mother. She sounds like she was quite the character -- like you are!

  9. The one time I was taken painting, I had no idea what to paint. I've seen that those painting parties they start with a template that others copy. Perhaps Liz would do better copying someone else's work?

  10. I join in praying for the happiness of your mother in heaven.

    I was reminded of my late father 23 years ago leaving us.

  11. I like the look of the crazy quilts Dora, looking forward to seeing yours when it's finished. That was quite a story about mum, funny except the burnt hands, that would have been painful ✨

  12. Ouch. I hope that tip made up for pain. My Mom managed to get suspended from school and was unable to go to her high school graduation, or so she claimed. She must have been something growing up - not like her quiet daughter (me). Alana


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