Sunday, March 29, 2020

Today Is Sunday March 29 2020, This What Happen.

Did a short drive today. Before that I did a short walk although the rain chased me back home.

The county just south of us had our first COVID 19. Now I hear lock down is entire month of April. Still going to work but not doing my complete assign hours.
Pay day for the two is first and third. I am trying to figure how to only get them in store one day of week. More we're out in public more of chance we have a chance of getting it and spreading it. Starting like the ideal have assigned days to shop for week.

Finely got all my strips sewed together for quilt I want to do. Now the next three steps is to press, cut the other way, and sew the new strips (blocks)
My last strips sewn this afternoon.

Notice it end of the month, two more days left. Both of our extra bedroom is in pretty bad shape, with clutter. Being home on Tuesday and Thursday I should and I did say should.
Get some project done. Then I did start the reducing items in my pantry shelves. And I believe I was half done.

Weigh my self and numbers are slowly sneaking back up. Back doing fitday and kept my calorie count with in my goal. 
I am still check in with our tops group. This way I am accountable.

Coffee is on


  1. The sewn strips are nice, very colourful. Maybe you could allocate two hours a day for decluttering in one of the spare bedrooms until it is done, then do the same for the other one?

  2. Another lock down. When will "we" get this under control?

  3. We are living in scary times.

  4. I really hope you have a calm and uneventful week.

  5. There can be some advantages to being home. Those tasks we haven't been doing can get done. Our region has 38 cases, our province over 3000. Stay safe!

  6. It's kind of hard to do "normal" right now. Glad you are making progress on some projects. Stay well.

  7. That's going to be a beautiful quilt.


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