Sunday, August 11, 2019

There Usual Multi Opinion.

Been working in my brain on sitting up my sewing machine. When put up my sewing machine it on the dinning room table. And one thing I seem to keep loose paper picked up better on table.
Paper clutter seem to be an issue with me.
Confession time...I seem to have an issue with paper clutter and that the reason I don't own a printer.
Discussed my ideals of where to put my sewing machine. There the basement and he says winter time we would have to heat the basement with wood stove. And lighting sitution would have to improve.
We thought using computer room would be a better choice. But we pointed out that if I could move items down that it would be more functional, as for door way.

Order some CLIP S HOOK and look at possible container to put project in. I know the basic size I want and need. I seem to have no trouble finding length and width. Height measure I am seem to have some trouble finding. I would like the height to between 6 to 12 inches. (0.15240-0.30460)

Friday Regis and I did little yard sale shopping. I keep telling my self no more fabric and they had three tote full of fabric. So I bought them.
Well them I add a few other piece and got Regis a wooden box for his magic tricks.
Editor Note...Light source and setting on camera need improvement.

Saturday went and celebrated youngest grand daughter birthday, she turn one on the 7th. She got plenty of lovely gifts. And her maternal grandma made up lovely lunch for us.

When we left we were trying to beat a storm home. And it never hit us much in upper part of the panhandle of Idaho.
I heard the town of ATHOL got hit pretty hard.
Was usual wondering when it was going to hit my area. Only got quarter inch of rain.
This is looking toward my west.

Editor Note...Been playing with my camera sitting and open office.

Coffee is on


  1. Happy Birthday to your grandie and happy organizing.

  2. Dora you are incorrigible when it comes to fabric.

    Happy birthday to your gtranddaughter

  3. Paper. I hate it. (As in paper to "work for others with")...
    Fabric, books... we all have such a tooth, huh.

  4. Right at this minute I have sheets of paper all over the table around the laptop, from where I was making notes and a shopping list, but it will be all tidied into one pile when I close the computer for the night.

  5. I'd be thrilled to get 1/4" of rain. It was 104 here yesterday, 105 forecast for today. Thats real temp, not "feels like" temps. North Central TX.
    Hurry up October!!!

  6. Happy birthday to your granddaughter.

    I have a way to contain my paper clutter. Any piece of paper (receipts, coupons, random mail) goes into a box I have just for it. (I even covered it in red wrapping paper to make it pretty.) If I have it in my hands and it has no place to go, it goes in the box.

    Ideally, I'd clear the box once a month. In reality, it gets gone through every three to four months. I pull it out, and every piece of paper gets a home. Most of it gets thrown out. Some gets filed. But it's all in one place all of the time. It helps keep the clutter contained.

  7. I do love the photo of the sunflower.

  8. It was the same here today Dora, made it home just before the rain storm ☺

  9. That is a lovely sunflower.
    Many happy birthday wishes for your granddaughter.

    All the best Jan

  10. That is an unusual sky! I will admit, I have a problem with many types of clutter. Happy belted birthday to your sweet granddaughter. Alana


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