Friday, August 09, 2019

Is There Real Possibilities

Our little library in Bonners Ferry is just wonderful. I won't go and on about it. It just wonderful.
I had trouble use words. Well I use Open Office and found out I had a version I just couldn't deal with and I went to computer Tudor class and I now have a much better one.
Actual I am using it right now.

The other day I tried to do video of our down town main street. Well I wasn't happy with it. To much traffic parked along the road.
Hopeful this Sunday when lot of business is close and no one parked.
I will take you for a walk down the main street in Bonners Ferry.
Hopeful it not raining.

Came up with anther ideal of where to set up my sewing machine. There big desk in the basement. Plenty of room and I could leave the sewing machine up.
The only two problem area. 1) Is lighting, since the desk is so big there possibilities of placing lights on desk and still have plenty of room. 2) Climate in basement could be an issue. Summer time it would great and winter time there small fire in wood stove to keep the edge off.
Well I talked about the DESK in earlier post.

Confession time....I have fabric fetish. I will look at fabric and can see all sort of possibilities one could make. Ran into blog post on fabric fetish. HERE and then there the issue of OUT OF CONTROL COLLECTION
But when I got to a new area I need to visit a thrift store, museum or gallery of some thing. I like to learn.
And yes I stop in at a yard sale and bought three tote of fabrics.
Question time...Do you have anything in your life out of control.
Some one told me she had to have every knitting needle. My mom every time she went to a store she had to get a cook book.

Coffee is on


  1. I would love to be able to sew. At school we "had to", the teacher and the project itself were horrible. We even have a machine, but I cannot even start.
    Went to our book-store, promised to not buy anything - 5 books later... ;-)
    Are there possibilities, can you choose? I don´t know.

  2. Hari OM
    No, I'm pretty good at not gathering too much stuff these days - my 'fetish', if it had to be stated, is research. I cannot stop looking things up and reading and following threads and landing up places I never thought I'd go... on the web. Sometimes in life too, it has to be said! YAM xx

  3. I'm not collecting a lot of different things, but I am collecting a few favourite movies and TV series on DVD. I figure when I'm older and unable to get out as much I can just sit and watch movies all day.

  4. I can't control blogging and blog reading and the internet. You know while on our overseas travel of five weeks, I still read everything you wrote. I don't feel it is a problem, but I never seem to be able to catch up.

  5. My 8th grade home economics teacher had to finish my sewing project for me. I think that’s the last time I went near a sewing machine.

    Libraries are wonderful places, aren’t they? I don’t borrow books anymore, I download them to my Kindle. But I took a yoga class at the library a few years ago.

  6. The library is always a good place to go. The only thing I have that might be out of control is books. I think I have about 2000 of them.

  7. Sewing room above ground is good!

  8. The electronic staff at my library are gods among men.

  9. I love visiting our local library.
    I'm not into sewing or knitting other than sewing a button on or something simple.

    Enjoy your weekend.

    All the best Jan


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