Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Now Here I am

Finely got time to do a little blogging. As you notice and I mention I got rid of the blog I read on the side.
And it getting used to the new method but I believe once it total in done it will be much better for me.
This is my blog, right.

And one reason or should say two and half  reason I haven't stop by. 1.5 I been watching the democrat debates. Yes I have my favs from each might but how about I post them in very short time.
I just want Trump gone.
But my other reason is I been working on my July report I should have it up on the second of August.

But before I move on. I post on my facebook page and one my local groups...Question time.... Election 2020 is here and so are the debates. If you could ask one question to the candidates ONE question what would would it be... Here is my question  What sort of ideals and thoughts do you have on exploitation laws and regulations and how would implement them.

But there were sure a difference between the answer  from local group and just my personal page.

Pretty well got my bullet journal set up for July. First thing I do for each week I do is set up my health goals.

I went to the doctor to talk about three things. I need to set a healthy goal weight for my T.O.P.S and she set it at 150 pounds and if this isn't suited for me. I can return to a health care provider and change it. She based on BMI and I have trouble BMI, it been AROUND for a long time, and I think there better way of determine some one numbers.
I also have xarthelasma or cholesterol deposit on both my eyes, well she sending me to plastic surgeon. Since she sending me to the plastic surgeon. I rather have a breast reduction. And that was request it.
I need to read more on xarthelasma 
And last thing was about my big toe and they call a great toe. I thought it as fungus but some how I injured the nail, and it need to run it course 

Coffee is on


2020 is here and so our the debates. If you had chance to ask the candidates a ONE question what would it be?Election 2020 is here and so our the debates. If you had chance to ask the candidates a ONE question what would it be?Election 2020 is here and so our the debates. If you had chance to ask the candidates a ONE question what would it be?


  1. I have zero questions for any candidates at this moment. I'm still waiting for the common sense party to be added to the ballot. - I had a Dr appt too and I to am in the weight loss boat. I'm going to do the Whole30. I did it once before and really need to stick to it. - I'll be blogging tomorrow and hopefully the whole month but life gets a little busy as you know and 24 hisho are just not enough for me!

  2. Is there anyone who seriously wants Trump to stay? Never thought he´d be there so long!
    Oh, best wishes for your health!

  3. I’ve been running to doctors, too. You reach a certain age, you become high maintenance...

    I’ve been watching the debates, too. I will vote for whichever candidate gets the nomination, of course, but I do have my favorites. Right now I’m liking Harris and Warren. Please don’t narrow it down to one question, if I had the chance to talk to any of the candidates, I could probably talk for hours.

  4. My hubby is watching the debates from Canada. My fear is that Trump could win again. Good luck with your health issues. Never heard of cholesterol eye deposits.

  5. I am at the point now that I have to say anyone but Trump would be a better fit....and that also includes the Republicans in Congress and his cabinet. None of them are fit for office.

  6. I don't really care about the election at this point. I'll vote for the candidate that gets the nomination. There's no one I really hate right now, and I want to keep it that way.

  7. I was at the doctor myself yesterday and have to go back next week to see how I'm doing with a change in medication. He thinks my blood pressure tablets might be the cause of a terrible wracking cough I've had for a few months. I don't follow any political debates.

  8. I'd not heard of xarthelasma.
    There seems to be plenty about it on the internet, so I'm sure you will do your own research in consultation with your medical team.
    Sending positive thoughts, and I wish you well with your health concerns.

    All the best Jan


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